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Your company's website is vital to your success. Website content needs to be not only clear and concise, but also "SEO" friendly by using key search terms for your field so search engines can properly categorize and prioritize your content for the potential clients looking for you. Web copy that confuses visitors can translate into lost sales, and language that deviates from established terminology won't be read at all, because no one will find it. At Site Image Studios, we start by making sure your content is focused on your site's objective and demographic targets.

Breakdown: Key Copy Elements

Title / Headline: Arguably the most important line of your sales copy, headlines need to capture attention, elicit an emotional response, accurately describe the content, and on the web, incorporate your key search terms so it is properly indexed. Fail at this step and the rest of your content is useless. Introduction The intro is the hook for the rest of your content. Once you have a potential clients attention, you need to identify the problem you are going to solve, touch on the benefits, and explain why you are the best choice. Sub-Heading These can serve as a good recovery mechanism should your headline not explicitly describe the client's need. If you hit close to the mark with your headline, you can diversify solutions here by appealing to wider audiences, thus compelling a higher volume of clients to read on.
Is it better to write a lot or a little when describing a service or product? While it is true that long copy tends to out-sell short copy, attentions spans are trending shorter (particularly on the internet). Fortunately, with proper formatting and usability in mind, we can accommodate both. Skillfully employing caption boxes containing critical information, strategically breaking up content with sub-headers, and augmenting your copy with relevant graphical depictions helps you appeal to a wider audience. Site Image Studios has a great deal of experience writing copy of all kinds for a wide variety of operations and target audiences. From strategic level DoD threat assessments, to technical equipment and robotics manuals for the decommissioning of nuclear reactors, to sales copy for growing businesses, and standard operating procedure manuals for a wide variety of operations, our writing experience extends well beyond the typical web design company. Call us today at (970) 430-5155 for your FREE assessment and see what the difference Site Image Studios can make in helping you formulate a targeted pitch!
Testimonials These can be used to make clients feel safe and part of a wider community, as they can read how others with similar needs solved their problem through your company. While it's better to sprinkle testimonials throughout the content, a testimonials page certainly couldn't hurt. Call to Action As anyone with sales experience can tell you, you won't sell much if you don't ask for the sale. It is in your call to action that you must compel your prospective client to contact you, make their purchase, influence a wider audience (viral marketing), and/or take such action as is required to achieve your websites goal. Post Scripts There are a number of usability studies on website traffic which show most web surfers don't read; they scan. "Scanners" typically read the headline, the intro, and your post script. Repetition of the intro and call to action is critical here.
  • Are you trying to sell a product or service on your site or offline?
  • Do you want to generate leads?
  • Are you trying to entertain or inform your visitors?
  • Are you primarily trying to create brand awareness?
  • Is your objective to persuade or influence your target audience?

Site Image Studios: Focused Content for Focused Results

Making sure your website content is sound, whether written by Site Image Studios or yourself, is a fundamental attribute of any successful website. It is an area of overall website design that is often overlooked by some other design firms, particularly those who sell recycled templates or content. Web content that is not unique... content that shows up verbatim in multiple locations, is considerably devalued by search engines, and results in degraded placement in search. Our website content is carefully tailored to support your website's objective. Every word on every page should be working towards that end. We research your industry's top performers before commencing work on your website, and come to the table armed with comparative statistics on the top performers. Being informed about our clients market isn't some special or isolated service that Site Image Studios is peddling. We consider it part of the website design. It's that simple. If you bring us workable content, we can help refine it and make sure the wording is optimized for search.

"Righting" Your Writing: Connecting With Your Clients.

Don't have any content yet? Let Site Image Studios help! We can make sure your potential clients see the risks removed, and generate a strong call to action. In a paper by psychologist Abraham Maslow called A Theory of Human Motivation, human behavior is generally the result of one or more of five basic needs. These "needs" form an ordered "Hierarchy of Human Needs":
  • Self-actualization - Human need to reach their full potential.
  • Esteem (Self Esteem) - Human need for achievement, recognition, attention and respect.
  • Social (Affiliation) - Human need for love, affection, companionship and acceptance.
  • Safety (Security) - Human need for physical, emotional and financial security.
  • Physiological - Basic human needs include hunger, thirst, shelter, clothing and sex.
Solid sales copy will appeal to your potential customers emotions and, most importantly, compel them to ACT on those emotions. It is therefore critical to understand those needs, and meaningfully incorporate them into your writing, while at the same time being cognizant of SEO best practices and contextually relevant and sought after key search terms. For more information about Site Image Studios content writing services, please give us a call at (970) 430-5155
Hierarchy of Human Needs
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